About Us

Established in the 31st of January 2011, Mayantara School is an authorized educational institution providing various skill development programs on non-formal basis. Mayantara – loosely translated as ‘cyberspace’ – accentuates its core venture to be accessible regardless the distance.

The legal holder of Operating Permit issued by Malang Bureau of Education no. 421.9/10801/35.73.307/2013, Mayantara School is authorized to conduct courses and trainings independently as well as inter-agency. We are more than ready to act in accordance with executive request whether as planner, coordinator or director.

Specializing in foreign language studies, each of our programs is specifically designed to meet both local and global requirements. Yet, it is open to further tailoring for specific purposes. Participants are trained to competence under support and guidance of professional instructors. Everyone is welcome to pick the desired scheme, since all packages are applicable offline as well as online.

For either way, there are choices of flying solo or snugging in a small party. One-teacher-one-learner system should serve those whom focus on self-enhancement in a compact period of time at its best. Classical system – not more than five pupils per group to maintain effectiveness – fits those whom need to involve interactions.

For further information, feel free to visit our base in Jl. Puncak Jaya no.11 Rt 3 Rw 6 Kelurahan Pisang Candi, Kota Malang or contact us in +62.87759660161 (Mrs. Ratih).

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