Indonesian Programs for Children

Indonesia is a rich country. Everyone can find many exciting things there. One of many interesting things about Indonesia is the language. Many foreigners like to learn Indonesian language even though they only visit or stay in Indonesia within very short time. According to them, Indonesian language is very interesting to learn. There are not only adults who want to learn Indonesian language, but there are also children. Children of expatriates need to learn Indonesian language in order to support their daily life and their activities at school.

Malang is one of main cities in Indonesia which provides a lot of Indonesian language teaching-learning facilities. Those facilities can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

One of the most important teaching-learning facilities which enable foreign children to learn Indonesian language is school. At school, foreign children will be taught Indonesian language properly because most international schools at Malang involve Indonesian language in their curriculum.

Aside from school, foreign children as young learners can learn Indonesian language in such institution. Language institution which provides package for foreigners to learn Indonesian language is available to join.

At Malang, there are many language institutions designed for foreigners from children and teenagers to adults. In order to find the best institution or school which can help foreign children to learn Indonesian language, you may need to refer to some important things.

First of all, you need to make sure that the institution or school provides credible instructor for Indonesian language. Native speakers are necessary. Native speakers can help children to learn Indonesian language properly. However, it is also important for the native speakers to be able to communicate with foreign children by using both Indonesian language and at least English.

Bilingual instructor will be very helpful for foreign children to learn Indonesian language.

Secondly, you need to refer to the materials. Children need clear but practical materials to learn, especially about new language which is so much different from their native language. Practicality makes children learn the new language faster.

Basically, children do not need to learn complicated things related to new language. What children need to learn is just how to speak and to understand someone’s speech in the new language.

Thirdly, you need to look for the best media. Language learning media determine the success of language learning. School or language institution which provides attractive media is preferable. Aside from that, teaching-learning location and atmosphere should fit to your child. The environment of school or language institution affects the concentration and the teaching-learning process itself.

Fortunately, at Malang you may join Mayantara School which provides in-house language training program. It means that you can invite the instructor to visit your house to help your children learn Indonesian language. By choosing that program, your child will enjoy the learning process very much. Furthermore, Mayantara School would allow children to learn and practice their Indonesian language directly to native speakers and local citizen. That condition makes children much easier to learn and understand Indonesian language as well as practicing it in front of other people.

Malang is a city in Indonesia which provides opportunity to everyone to learn Indonesian language. Foreigners or expatriates can learn Indonesian language as well as Indonesian culture there. In fact, children can access many programs which can enrich their knowledge about Indonesian language. As a matter of fact, Malang does not only good for adults and children to learn Indonesian language, but also for foreign students. Malang with Mayantara School has been promoting such program which involves Indonesian language learning for foreigners. The program is called IPC (Indonesian Programs for Children).

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