Mayantara School of Indonesian Language

Mayantara School of Indonesian Language

Mayantara School of Indonesian Language

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia. According to many people around the world, Bahasa is a unique language. It is because this language is easy to learn and easy to understand. In order to learn Bahasa properly, foreigners are suggested to visit certain places or organizations which are responsible in teaching Bahasa to everyone.

Considering the fact that nowadays there are many places everyone can join to learn Bahasa, including the culture of Indonesia, everyone should be very selective. There are some criteria of good and suitable places you may join to learn Bahasa.

The first criterion is that the place where you can learn Bahasa is reliability. Reliability of a Bahasa teaching-learning center where you can learn Bahasa properly should cover the materials and result guarantee. By finding that kind of place, you will be able to learn Bahasa better than anywhere else. You are guaranteed to be able to speak Bahasa properly within certain of time.

The second criterion of a good place to learn Bahasa, especially for foreigners, is validity. The materials delivered during teaching-learning process should be valid and trustable. Valid here means that what you gain from the teaching-learning process of Bahasa for foreigners can be used in your daily life and in the future. There is no misleading material involved. Besides, the materials should be delivered in such an interesting way. It aims that the Bahasa learners can learn Bahasa in pleasure and excitement.

Non-boring activities are required. Somehow, outdoor learning or outdoor practicing is necessary. The third criterion of the best place to learn Bahasa is credible instructor. The role of instructor in teaching-learning process, especially language teaching and learning, is very important. Instructor is the teacher, partner, and the role model for the language learners.

It is necessary to join a place which provides local instructor or native Bahasa speaking instructor. It is because local or native instructor can provide credible materials for the learners. Further, local or native instructor can help language learners to speak the new language better.

On the other hand, it is important for you to find a place to learn Bahasa which provides more than just Bahasa teaching and learning process. It means that you need to find a place where you can learn Bahasa as well as Indonesian culture and tradition. As a matter of fact, there are many places which provide that kind of facility.

You can visit one of them to improve your ability in using Bahasa and enrich your knowledge about Indonesian culture and tradition. Basically, learning language is not just about knowing how to spell the words, pronouncing them, and creating proper sentences by following the grammar rules.

Unlike English, which is international language spoken by most people in the world, Bahasa does not have many speakers living outside the native country. Considering that, if you want to learn Bahasa more specifically, you may need to visit Indonesia. There are many places in Indonesia which provide the best Bahasa teaching-learning center with high quality instructors and dynamic but fun environment.

Learning language requires everyone to have commitment with their own selves. Once somebody makes commitment with his own self to learn certain language, it will be easy for him to learn it. Even if it is required for him to go abroad just to find the best place to learn new language, he will just go willingly. Speaking of the concept of learning language, learning Bahasa is done in similar way. It is necessary for the learners to make their own commitment and find the best place to learn Bahasa including the best instructor and teaching-learning environment fit to you.


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